Finding replacements for Asdrubal Cabrera 

June, 4, 2013

Cleveland Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera left Monday’s game at Yankee Stadium with a strained right quadriceps, and by the time you read this he might already have been placed on the 15-day disabled list. Cabrera wasn’t off to a terrific start at the plate this season, hitting .254 with a .754 OPS, but his five home runs, five stolen bases and lofty lineup placement in a strong offense certainly were interesting enough. He was a top-25 fantasy middle infielder in 2012. That’s not great, not like his 2011 campaign, but it remains worth owning even in shallow leagues.

What’s also interesting is that the player likely to replace Cabrera at shortstop was nearly a top-25 middle infielder himself in 2012, though most would probably assume the difference in Cabrera and Mike Aviles was much greater. It wasn’t. Aviles was one of only 13 middle infield eligible players to reach 13 home runs and 14 stolen bases last season –- Cabrera did not –- which is a pretty sweet combination and one he’s capable of achieving again. Aviles isn’t special, but he’s readily available and Cleveland’s best option to replace the ailing Cabrera might also be yours.