Closer report: Bell gets saves for D-backs 

May, 9, 2013

Big league managers don't always make what others perceive as the best choices when deciding who should and who should not be the designated closer for their teams. In fact, one might argue, when faced with a less-than-obvious choice, they seem to rarely do so. But those decisions are pretty important and dictate fantasy value. For example, did I particularly want to recommend and own Detroit Tigers right-hander Jose Valverde? Absolutely not! But he's the one getting closing opportunities, and so far, so good, he types with fingers crossed. Now here come the Arizona Diamondbacks with an injured J.J. Putz and does manager Kirk Gibson choose the perfectly reasonable setup man with strong numbers the past few seasons?

Well, his words suggested he didn't make a decision at all, but his actions clearly went with right-hander Heath Bell. Fantasy owners -- and Diamondbacks fans! -- might not like it, but Bell is the one to own.