Closer Report: Team-by-team breakdown 

May, 3, 2013

The original plan today was to open with a few paragraphs discussing just how great Chicago Cubs right-hander Kevin Gregg is, then head to notes. I would highlight Gregg's myriad positives as well as one or two negatives, if I could find any, and why he might actually keep the closer gig not only for 2013 but for eternity. Alas, I couldn't get past the sarcasm. The truth is that you, the loyal KaraBlog reader, deserve more. So let's not only discuss Gregg's chances of sustaining fantasy relevance -- I know, that's just incredible when you reread it -- but touch on each and every team, because we're one month in, and in some cases everything has changed.

Let's go in order of team wins through Thursday's games, because it's only fitting that Houston and Miami go last.