The 'oldie-but-goodie' pitchers 

February, 22, 2011
I drafted Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Jamie Moyer in a deep fantasy league last March -- a really deep league -- not only because I expected him to win double-digit games with passable peripherals, but also to make a point to naysayers that I practice what I preach. Not all fantasy baseball sleepers are young guys. Moyer, now a spry 48-year-old recovering from Tommy John surgery and still planning on pitching in 2012, won nine of his 19 starts, with a high ERA but a WHIP that would have ranked 10th among major league starting pitchers had he qualified. It's true, Moyer delivered a 1.10 WHIP, better than Josh Johnson, Ubaldo Jimenez and all but nine qualified starting pitchers in baseball. In a 16-team league, he made for a valuable last-round pick.

It would be foolish for me to recommend Moyer today, of course; he's not likely to pitch this season. But in accordance with last week's "oldies but goodies" blog on hitters 35 years or older to keep an eye on, I figured I would do the same with pitchers. Moyer turned 35 way back in 1998, but the hurlers below crossed that threshold a bit more recently. Before you go ignoring them on draft day, or in a few cases select them later than their production dictates, because of their age, look a bit closer at their production. You might be surprised.

[+] EnlargeCHris Carpenter
AP Photo/Jeff RobersonSt. Louis' Chris Carpenter will turn 36 in April, but he can still get it done.
Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals: There is one top Cardinals pitcher scaring fantasy owners because of a potential elbow injury ... but it's not Carpenter, it's Adam Wainwright. Carpenter made 35 starts last season and finished 18th among starting pitchers on the ESPN Player Rater. We rank him 12th among starters, so there's obviously no age discount there. It's safe to rely on Carpenter for a few more seasons.