How to handle struggling Red Sox 

April, 6, 2011

The sky is falling for Boston Red Sox fans, as the team most people had pegged as the best in baseball is off to an 0-4 start, with equal parts hitting and pitching holding the team back. Fantasy baseball owners -- like Red Sox Nation -- are never the most patient lot, and while only two members of the Red Sox show up on ESPN's most dropped list, and starting pitcher John Lackey and setup man Daniel Bard were a bit overdrafted to start with, I'm also seeing many a trade offer with Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury and other high-profile players involved.

Regular blog readers know the line that's coming next: It's a mere four games, and most of these established Red Sox will be just fine. You drafted Crawford in the first round, you're going to get worthy production. Despite manager Terry Francona moving his left fielder all throughout the lineup in an effort to "get him started," Crawford will get started on his own. The Red Sox finished second in runs scored to the New York Yankees last season and clearly upgraded the offense since then. They're going to score runs. Buy low on Red Sox hitters if it's actually possible.