Who has gained position eligibility in '11? 

April, 26, 2011
Since I apparently have some kind of odd fascination with New York Mets second basemen, it's no surprise I've been keeping an eye on what Daniel Murphy had been doing throughout the failed Brad Emaus experiment. Murphy can hit a little, and while nobody thinks he's really a viable second baseman -- oh wait, the Mets do! -- the fact is they've been playing him there and batting him second and things have gone reasonably well. From a fantasy aspect, I added Murphy in a league to my bench and waited for Sunday, when he played his 10th game at second base.

Now he's a second baseman for us, too.

That changes everything. I moved him to an active middle-infield slot in that league to replace injured Aaron Hill. (Hey, it's a deep league!) As a first baseman, which is all Murphy was, according to ESPN eligibility, coming into the season, there was little value. Heck, he's not even close to a top-20 first baseman. At second base, he's potentially a top-20 option. Murphy is an interesting eligibility case, actually. He qualifies at first base because that's the position he played the most his last season in the big leagues (2009). He did not play in 2010 after tearing the ACL in his right knee. With modest power and little to offer in terms of stolen bases, fantasy owners need him to play a scarce defensive position to have value, and now he is.