Postseason fantasy rankings: Top 165 

October, 4, 2012

Welcome back to the MLB playoffs! The postseason gets under way Friday with a pair of wild-card contests, and then a lot more games over the weekend, so we're getting you ready with our annual rankings for playoff pools. This season things are clearly different, though, because there are now 10 teams to include in the rankings, two more than last season. As a result, the list has grown quite a bit to reflect depth. Also, by Saturday morning, two teams will already have been eliminated. So when you peruse these rankings and wonder how Josh Hamilton can be ranked lower than Mat Latos, I get it. That does look odd.

However, it also makes sense. It's certainly possible the Texas Rangers lose Friday night to the Baltimore Orioles. I don't expect that will happen, but if you make Hamilton your first-round pick and he gets all of five at-bats before heading to his offseason, your team could be in some trouble. Nick Swisher could play in more games. Or Hamilton could win Friday and take his team to the World Series again! Anything is possible.