How productive will Domonic Brown be? 

May, 20, 2011
Early Friday afternoon, I replied to a tweet (I'm @karabellespn) about the viability of Philadelphia Phillies outfielder John Mayberry Jr. With Shane Victorino hitting the disabled list, Jayson Werth now hitting for the Washington Nationals (though not as well as most thought), Ben Francisco hitting the bench and Raul Ibanez seemingly hitting for, well, the local nursing-home team, I tweeted that Mayberry was actually the team's top active outfielder, and thought about how scary that was. Then I went out for a nice, leisurely jog.

By the time I returned a few hours later, the situation had changed.

A year ago, Domonic Brown was viewed in both the fantasy and real baseball communities as a can't-miss prospect, someone capable of hitting for power, stealing bases and thriving defensively, a true five-tool star in the making. And then the Phillies, in the midst of the 2010 pennant race, called him up from Triple-A, generally let him languish on the bench, and of course he didn't hit. Then he struggled in winter ball. Then he broke the hamate bone in his hand in spring training and didn't make the Phillies.