Fantasy ranks summit: Notes and themes 

January, 31, 2013
It started Tuesday morning with much debate about the great -- or perhaps merely very good -- Mike Trout and ended during the evening Wednesday with closers and Cabreras (Melky and Asdrubal) sliding into our Top 100. In between, the ESPN Fantasy team laughed, cried and came to a friendly consensus while evaluating many players in our annual two-day Fantasy Baseball Rankings Summit.

I always look forward to our summits, not only because I can't wait to talk baseball on a cold January day (or any day, for that matter), but because it's a reminder of how fortunate we are to be able to help create and mold opinions for the upcoming season. And truth be told, plenty of opinions were swayed, including my own.

So with the myriad storylines from the awesome 2012 season not forgotten, but certainly in our proverbial rearview mirror, here are some of the noteworthy themes that came out of our meetings that are in clear focus for this season, mostly the result of interesting and productive analysis and debates.