Endgame upside picks: Roberts, Gamel ... 

March, 8, 2012

There are 26 rounds in a standard ESPN fantasy draft, and at 10 teams each, that's 260 players. However, as one can see from the ESPN average live draft results by position, that leaves plenty of interesting players for free agency (anything after No. 260). Of course, some people play in deeper leagues, such as 12-team leagues, or 16-teamers, AL- and NL-only formats ... you get the point.

Each league and each draft is different, and strategy often depends on league rules and other factors, but for those in standard leagues who are approaching the final rounds, there's no reason to avoid taking chances with upside picks. These are the potential wild-card choices that can make an owner look smart -- wow, who knew all three Kansas City Royals outfielders would be top-30 hitters! -- and hey, if they stink in mid-April, just move on to someone else!