My 'Do Not Draft' list: Pineda, Holliday ... 

March, 16, 2012
Michael Pineda helped carry many owners to fantasy titles last season, including yours truly, but the minute he was traded from the Seattle Mariners to the New York Yankees, I was off the proverbial bandwagon. Everything changed with that deal. The move to a hitter-friendly ballpark, especially for lefty hitters, is the obvious one, but Pineda also slowed down as the season wore on in 2011, and let's face it, not everyone thrives in New York. I could have written this months ago, but now after seeing that Pineda's velocity is way down so far this spring, it has become even clearer to me that I won't be targeting Pineda this season.

Fantasy Baseball Draft  Kit
My intentions in most fantasy baseball drafts are pretty clear. I write about them, discuss them, tweet them ... you name it. But the main one -- other than having fun -- is to look for value. I'll draft a player earlier than normal if I really want certain statistics, but most of the time if I don't like the player's value, I'll simply ignore him. Pineda doesn't make my top 25 starting pitchers. He's obviously talented, and maybe there's a dominant full season in his future at some point, but he's too risky for my taste, and when I get around to selecting starting pitchers, Pineda will be gone.

Pineda's name is the first one that comes to mind if you ask me who I'm avoiding in 2012 drafts. We call this annual blog entry my "Do Not Draft" list, though I will admit that if everyone in a certain draft believes a player is overrated and he slips far enough, I'm interested. It's all about the value, even with Pineda. I do have him ranked, after all, just not nearly as high as everyone else. Here are some other players I won't be targeting: