Pos. eligibility: Will Lawrie move to 2B? 

April, 15, 2013
At this point, fantasy owners are simply eager to see Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie out on the diamond playing, let alone thinking about which position he'll be. Over the weekend, though, the Blue Jays announced a bit of a shocker, that Lawrie, on the mend from an oblique strain and having not appeared in the big leagues yet this season, will play second base as part of his rehab assignment. It seems like odd timing, but if it's emulated in the major leagues, there are clear fantasy repercussions.

For one, adding second base eligibility to his existing third base qualification would be quite a coup for his existing fantasy owners. The depth of these positions doesn't really match up, as people who own Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes can tell you as they desperately search for unfulfilling middle-infield replacements. Lawrie has earned a reputation in his short career as a brittle player, which we hope he'll overcome, but any time extra eligibility is added, especially this one, it adds value. If Lawrie had had second-base eligibility for 2013 drafts, he surely would have been selected well before the seventh round, for me at least a round better.

Lawrie was a second baseman in the low minor leagues with the Milwaukee Brewers, though there are varying opinions on his proficiency there because he was ultimately moved. Last year, he was one of baseball's finest third basemen using advanced metrics, so in a way, the Blue Jays seem willing to give up defense in order to get more offense. Slugging outfielder Jose Bautista already moved back to third base this weekend, a position he knows well, and could add eligibility in a week. We're all for this in the fantasy world, unless you think defensive distractions affect offensive production, which I don't.