Surprising end-of-season predictions 

June, 13, 2014
Robinson CanoOtto Greule Jr/Getty ImagesRobinson Cano's .333 average would be his best since 2006, and he's on pace for 86 RBIs.

Welcome to Friday the 13th, the only one of this entire calendar year, and one can be sure if there’s an impactful baseball injury on this day many a fantasy owner will blame it on bad luck because of the number 13. Without getting into how ridiculous that is, and coming off one of the more unexciting days of baseball lately, let’s combine the number 13 with some reasonable -- or are they? -- but perhaps surprising predictions this season, shall we? After all, it’s nearly the weekend and, well, who’s feelin’ lucky?

13 represents … The number of home runs Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano is going to hit from this point on. Yep, he’s going to end up at 16. It’s not 27, but the guy still has power, so you want to buy low. Cano’s 16 blasts won’t lead the team (Kyle Seager ends up at 19) and he’s not likely to pile on the stolen bases or runs scored, but he is going to win his first batting title.