What impact will Kendrys Morales have? 

June, 9, 2014
MoralesOtto Greule Jr/Getty ImagesKendrys Morales had 106 extra-base hits and 153 RBIs the past two seasons.

The Minnesota Twins were the surprise franchise that ended up with noted free-agent slugger Kendrys Morales this weekend on a one-year contract. Morales, who hit 45 home runs the past two seasons for the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels and shouldn’t have been unemployed to start with, isn’t going to the best home ballpark for what he does well, but at least he’s going to play regularly, likely at designated hitter. The last-place Twins could sure use him, and fantasy owners to a lesser degree, because this isn’t exactly Paul Goldschmidt, you know.

A year ago, Morales finished as the No. 19 first baseman on the Player Rater, a tad behind Mike Napoli, Adam Lind and Brandon Belt, and I’d still take all three of those gentlemen over Morales now. Napoli just came off the disabled list Sunday and Belt is still on it. It doesn’t mean Morales isn’t worth owning in a 10-team standard league, but he’s not going to be in the lineup tomorrow, either. He needs time to get ready. Morales should hit double digits in home runs the rest of the way and he’ll knock in runs, but he would have looked a lot better in Texas, for example, so be careful to what end you attempt to acquire him. In an AL-only format, of course you get him. In a standard league, sure, use the waiver spot. In general, he’s not special.