Should you wait on Mark Trumbo? 

April, 24, 2014
Mark TrumboMark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY SportsMark Trumbo is tied for second in the majors in home runs and sixth in RBIs.

The struggling Arizona Diamondbacks made a stunning ninth-inning rally to win at Wrigley Field Wednesday, but the day was marred by the news slugging outfielder Mark Trumbo will miss an extended period of time with a stress fracture in his left foot. If you’d have asked me Wednesday morning to name five players who could lead the majors in home runs, Trumbo, who launched five home runs his first nine games and two since, would be on that list. But now, he’s obviously not on that list.

So what does “extended period of time” mean and should you continue to roster Trumbo? Well, the first pretty much decides the second. If it’s a month he misses, you can and should keep him owned and wait. If it’s three months, then you move on. Full disclosure: I’ve rarely been a Trumbo fan to start with, as the power potential comes with a batting average price and he’s had long stretches of utter plate catastrophe making him free-agent fodder, but I recognize few players hit home runs like he can. A foot injury shouldn’t hamper that potential when he returns. But does he return in May or August?