Yoenis Cespedes' power is legit, but ... 

April, 10, 2012
As noted in the above video, and admitting the fact that it's very early in the season, a few things seem eminently clear to me about Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes: He has plenty of raw power, but there are also quite a few holes in that powerful swing, especially when it's not a fastball heading his way. While the Cuban import has many differences compared to older, slower Adam Dunn, I have each of them hitting around 25 home runs and falling short of a .250 batting average.

Some fantasy owners can live with a low batting average if they have Joe Mauer types to balance things out. Perhaps all you need is the power. But think about how differently Dunn and Cespedes are likely viewed in your league on the trade market. Cespedes is definitely in demand, right? But pitchers with scouting reports are going to make him look like Mark Reynolds.

Whether obvious or not, here are 12 hitters whom I think will hit 25-plus home runs this season but also will hit on the wrong side of .250. Perhaps a name or two listed below will surprise you ... and a few not listed as well. I'll discuss a few of those below the 12 sluggers: