Top-50 fantasy prospects breakdown 

March, 5, 2014
Wait, so there's an actual top prospects list without the great Minnesota Twins outfielder Byron Buxton at the top of it? How could that be!

Well, before you get upset while examining the official ESPN Fantasy top-50 prospects list for 2014, note that we're looking at immediate fantasy impact here, which is why Buxton's exclusion really isn't odd at all. In fact, while you'll see a few Chicago Cubs players listed, you won't see shortstop Javier Baez or outfielder Jorge Soler, as well as other youngsters who likely will need at least another full minor league season before they're ready for regular playing time in the majors.

Last month I posted my own top-10 fantasy prospects report for this coming season, and obviously the fantasy top-50 list is different, and not only in its length and depth. It should be since it's a staff effort and we all bring different ideas and mindsets, not to mention a few things have changed since my top-10 was posted. They're always changing! I'll be sharing my thoughts on prospects all season, but here are general ones about our staff list, from top to bottom and then some.