Position eligibility report entering 2014 

February, 14, 2014
One of the most common mistakes fantasy baseball owners make during drafts is selecting players without actual knowledge of which position(s) they are actually eligible to play. Obviously, this can be a pretty big deal. This also happens when owners are choosing keepers. Positional eligibility is important, adding and removing value in more cases than many realize. Let’s cover all the bases in this blog entry in highlighting the versatile players, those who gained key value and those who lost it, and everything in between. We’ll go position by position here.

Catcher: Big news! Mike Napoli of the Boston Red Sox and Victor Martinez of the Detroit Tigers are no longer catchers. Napoli is a first baseman now, and Martinez did not play any position enough in 2013, so he is a designated hitter. They retain value, but not like when they were backstops.

Meanwhile, several catchers did play enough at other positions in 2013, and while one might think that’s meaningless, think again. The San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey and Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Santana are the ones who bring first base eligibility as well. Would you ever use it? Sure, in an ESPN standard format if you lose a corner infielder to injury in June you might find some pretty good catchers available, at least in proportion to the corner infielders on free agency.