Don't fall for another hot April for Ethier 

April, 24, 2012

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp is off to a blazing start, hitting .460 and on pace for 86 home runs, 210 RBIs and 172 runs scored. Kemp and his powerful numbers easily lead the ESPN Player Rater and those who selected him early in the first round are quite pleased. Dodgers fans are similarly overjoyed with a 13-4 start. Ask me who the best player in real life and fantasy is for today and the rest of the year, and I choose Kemp.

Of course, Kemp isn't the only Dodgers outfielder ranking well on the Player Rater, as the seemingly rejuvenated Andre Ethier is tied with Kemp for the big league lead in RBIs with 22. Ethier is also hitting .308 and ... and ... well, that's about it. Yes, Ethier is knocking in runs, a misguided statistic that we know is influenced by opportunity, and Kemp sports a .514 on-base percentage. That can't continue. Neither can Ethier's crazy RBI pace, which is why you're running out of time to sell high. Ethier really isn't doing much else. For his three weeks of health and 22 RBIs, the Dodgers are apparently engaging in talks with Ethier's team for a long-term contract extension.