Jason Kipnis starts '12 like he finished '11 

May, 15, 2012

One thing that surprised me a bit about the mid-May fantasy baseball rankings completed this week was how much I was willing to buy in to some of the hotter starts of 2012. For example, I think older veterans Adam Dunn and Carlos Beltran are legitimate and back to their old ways. I similarly had little fear in believing that Bryan LaHair, Edwin Encarnacion and Emilio Bonifacio weren't early-season flukes, and I thought they were not obvious sell-high choices. I'm a believer, apparently.

Regarding the second-base position, two notable players ended up in my top 100 even though they weren't in any of my colleagues' original top 100 and apparently remain that way. One is Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve, whom I like for batting average but still have some doubts about overall. The other is Cleveland Indians future star Jason Kipnis, who gives me no such concerns.