Reddick for real, don't worry about Manny 

May, 29, 2012

While the baseball world anxiously awaits the return of Manny Ramirez -- I sense the fantasy baseball world is less bullish on this comeback -- there are bigger and more pertinent stories happening with the Oakland Athletics lineup. Sure, Cuban import Yoenis Cespedes has done some nice work and should again when he comes off the disabled list, but if we had told you a month ago that a member of the Athletics entered the final days of May on pace for a whopping 46 home runs this season, my guess is you wouldn't have believed it.

With his three homers in the past four games, including Monday's blast at Minnesota's Target Field, that's exactly what's going on with Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick. He might not have seemed like a critical part of the December 2011 trade that sent closer Andrew Bailey to the Boston Red Sox, but check out the leaderboards and there's Reddick with 14 home runs, a figure topped by only five players, while Bailey still has nary a save nor inning pitched for his new team. The Red Sox have used 12 outfielders this season, including Adrian Gonzalez and Scott Podsednik, so I'm sure they don't miss Reddick, right? Those many outfielders have hit 15 home runs.