Voting for All-Stars via the Player Rater 

June, 15, 2012

We're four weeks away from the All-Star Game in Kansas City, and if you've been to a ballpark recently, you know that you can and should do your part by voting. You can also vote online. I've voted recently and will continue to do so until the balloting ends on June 28. I'm often asked about whether I vote for my favorite players, the best or most accomplished players or, as many of you probably do, all the players from my favorite team, even if they've having poor seasons. I vote for the players I think combine the best and most deserving. Hey, whether we like it or not, the game counts! The Los Angeles teams, New York teams, Ohio teams, the Washington Nationals, who knows, someone's getting home-field advantage from this game.

As plenty can still change between now and when the final voting is due, this is merely how things look on the ides of June, but I thought I'd go position by position to separate/combine fantasy and reality, and see if they match. In some or many cases it will not, but that's OK. We're just having some fun and crediting performances you might not have realized, and we'll rely heavily on the unbiased Player Rater for guidance.