Bold predictions for pitchers 

July, 27, 2012

Washington Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg will pitch in September and October. Let's get that out of the way up front. Entering the weekend the right-hander is the No. 10 pitcher on ESPN's Player Rater and one of the most coveted individuals in fantasy dynasty formats, a future Cy Young winner and strikeout machine, but it seems like all the talk about this fellow and the chances for success for his upstart team center around an innings limit that might or might not be followed closely.

On Thursday, we got bold in this space to discuss major league hitters. Today it's all about the pitchers, and Strasburg is certainly among the best in the biz. Fantasy owners should be aware of a potential adjustment in his schedule come September, especially in head-to-head formats with the fantasy playoffs going on, but I wouldn't actively trade the guy. Frankly, I wouldn't trade him at all. The Nationals won't be so bold as to restrict Strasburg because they know that, just like in our fantasy world, flags fly forever in the real world as well. Limits get broken all the time.