Josh Hamilton: Biggest wild card of all 

August, 8, 2012
Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton enters Wednesday ranked a sterling 13th on the ESPN Player Rater this season, so one might think he'd be a great guy to trade for in fantasy this week. Perhaps you're contemplating moving the incredible Mike Trout for Hamilton plus a pitcher such as Zack Greinke. Or maybe you're enjoying the fine work of Colorado Rockies shortstop Josh Rutledge and love your middle infield depth, so you figure it'd be OK to move New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano for Hamilton.

Here's the thing: Trends are far more significant than season numbers this time of year. Hamilton is an obvious but important case of a player who clearly has not done his best work lately -- or in his specific case, since May -- and that makes each of the above potential trades seem unbalanced today.

For example, Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera has been incredible since the All-Star break, and is about the only fellow currently keeping up with Trout for AL MVP honors. But for the season, Cabrera and Hamilton boast similar numbers.