Bullpens: Recycled closers on the radar 

April, 18, 2013

Major league managers sure seem to love their closers being old and experienced as opposed to being young and, well, good.

The past few weeks is a clear reminder of this, with recycled closers again being all the rage. A few weeks ago, the Detroit Tigers decided to bring back Jose Valverde, whose 277 career saves are bested by only three active pitchers. Those three are Mariano Rivera, Joe Nathan and Francisco Rodriguez, who himself finally found work Wednesday when the Milwaukee Brewers thought giving him a minor league deal was a good idea. Then there are the noncontending Chicago Cubs and their messy closer situation. Who could solve that mess? Suuuuuuure, let's see what retread right-hander Kevin Gregg can do! Hey, he does have 144 career saves, right? What could go wrong?