Time to pick up Yuniesky Betancourt? 

May, 2, 2013
Let's be clear right off the top: It's not outrageous that Milwaukee Brewers infielder Yuniesky Betancourt is one of the most added players in ESPN leagues, as he is improbably mashing one home run after another and stunning the fantasy world. But don't start believing this is in any way legitimate.

Betancourt is a well-traveled, 31-year-old, much-maligned (for good reason) hacker with one of the worst walk rates anyone has ever seen, and he's not suddenly blossoming into a valuable fantasy option. Yes, he started May as fantasy's No. 10 middle infielder on the Player Rater and hit another home run to start the month, but he is going to regress, soon.

I've been asked myriad times over the past week or so why I hadn't covered Betancourt's ascension to fantasy relevance, and to be honest, it's because I thought the mere notion of discussing it was just so foolish that it wasn't necessary. Well, public demands aside, things changed with four home runs and eight RBIs from him over the past week, including homers in each of the past three games. Betancourt is not hitting many fly balls, but a startling fifth of the fly balls he has hit (20.6 percent) have left the ballpark. That's a ridiculous rate that nobody could sustain.