Think Jacobs for late NL-only power 

April, 1, 2010
It might seem like a cruel April Fool's joke to discuss yet another New York Mets malady, but it's true that starting first baseman Daniel Murphy has a sprained MCL in his right knee, and could miss between two and six weeks. Despite leading the Mets in home runs last season, Murphy possesses moderate (at best) power, so the Mets lineup shouldn't miss him much. Hey, I selected Murphy in our 20-team mixed office auction Tuesday night/Wednesday morning for $2, and I can say I won't miss him much.

However, you've probably heard us in the ESPN Fantasy group preach that when one player goes down, it creates opportunity for another, so let's welcome Mike Jacobs back to relevance! Here's a fellow with legitimate power, though obvious holes in his swing will likely prevent him from ever being a complete hitter. Jacobs is in Mets camp on a minor-league contract and Wednesday he hit cleanup between David Wright and Jason Bay, which certainly piqued my interest. Talk about an opportunity!

Murphy is a better overall hitter than Jacobs, someone who the Mets believe -- and I concur, to a degree -- can hit a load of doubles, bat near .300 and knock in runs that way. His bat really doesn't fit well for first base, but there's no room for him at third base, where he played in the minor leagues, or left field, which he really butchered in brief attempts the past two seasons. Jacobs is a terrible first baseman, by the way, but he can hit home runs, and should be employed.