Weekend watch: Liriano, Strasburg, Colvin 

April, 9, 2010
It's not that last weekend was a disappointment, but only one meaningful major league game was played, as the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees on Sunday Night Baseball. It was a fun way to spend seven-plus hours. OK, I jest; it didn't take quite that long. But I'd still prefer the weekends with 45 or so games, not merely one. Starting this weekend, there are games aplenty, and as a result, tons to watch from a fantasy baseball perspective.

Here are 10 players/situations I'll be tracking this weekend:

• The Francisco Liriano hype machine is running at full tilt, and fantasy owners probably are expecting too much from the Minnesota Twins southpaw. Yes, Liriano was terrific in winter ball and in spring training (30 strikeouts, five walks), but John Danks and the White Sox won't be an easy opponent Friday night. Liriano is 0-3 with a 7.52 ERA lifetime against the Chicago White Sox. That said, don't let a rough outing persuade you to give up so soon.