Borbon one of many slumping leadoff men 

April, 16, 2010

Less than two weeks into the baseball season, leadoff hitters around baseball have been anything but special. Incredibly, major leaguers in the top lineup spot are hitting a cumulative .249 with a .315 on-base percentage; in the American League, thanks in part to highly touted and disappointing Texas Rangers center fielder Julio Borbon, the cumulative batting average is .243 and OBP is .302. Man, it's like watching 30 teams send Corey Patterson out there to lead off!

Borbon didn't lead off Thursday, and let's face it, if he doesn't start hitting, he might not be playing at all with the big club. Since he was a popular sleeper pick in fantasy drafts this preseason, and many fantasy owners possess the patience of a child spotting a cookie jar, Borbon is one of a number of leadoff hitters on ESPN's most dropped list. Are seven games enough to properly evaluate someone? Of course it's not, but this is the worst time for a player to slump, because it's our first impression. And let's face it, leading off brings with it a certain cache that fantasy owners notice.