Lineup change won't help Reyes' value 

April, 23, 2010
I have to admit I don't understand the fascination that New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel appears to have with moving leadoff hitter Jose Reyes to the No. 3 spot in the team's batting order.'s Adam Rubin does a great job covering the Mets, and in this article, he covers this weekend's pending lineup switch and how it is meant to get cleanup hitter Jason Bay going.

As the theory goes, with Reyes wreaking havoc on the basepaths, Bay would see more fastballs, so the opposing catcher -- this weekend, it's the capable Brian McCann -- would have a greater chance of throwing out Reyes. Whatever.

Reyes hasn't exactly been a frequent visitor to the bases this season, given his .226 batting average and .288 on-base percentage. He did rap out four hits against the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday, including a triple and a stolen base, but he's 2-for-8 since then. In the past seven games, he has attempted one stolen base, and I'd say the reason for that is that he's not even close to full speed after dealing with hamstring problems. He's basically still in his own version of spring training.