Is Roy Halladay still a top-30 pitcher? 

April, 4, 2013

Thirty pitchers started a Major League Baseball game Wednesday, but it's safe to say the most attention was given to a two-time Cy Young Award winner who just happened to be the first pitcher off the draft board for 2012 and until recently was a top-100 overall choice this season. Of course, things are awfully different now for Philadelphia Phillies right-hander Roy Halladay, and after his unusual and historic performance in Atlanta on Wednesday, it's hard to be enthusiastic about him.

Halladay simply doesn't look like the same pitcher he used to be, an issue not only for the Phillies but fantasy owners as well. His loss of velocity was a popular spring training topic, but Halladay's velocity seemed better Wednesday as he hit the low 90s with many fastballs. Then again, all the big Atlanta hits came off that now-mortal fastball. Halladay's off-speed curveballs and changeups certainly had movement; they were responsible for nine of the 10 outs he recorded coming via strikeout. His mechanics didn't seem to be an issue, and he was able to repeat his delivery, especially after a rough first inning. Halladay couldn't locate his cutter, which is a critical out pitch for him, and when he threw it over the plate, the Braves made him pay. It was an odd night, to be certain.