Need a catcher? Consider Yanks' Cervelli 

May, 20, 2010
The New York Yankees can live without Jorge Posada for a month, if the hairline fracture in his right foot needs that long to heal, and so can his fantasy owners, at least in ESPN standard leagues. As I often say, catchers in one-active-catcher leagues are easy to replace.

Don't get me wrong, Posada is a very good offensive catcher, hitting .326 with 20-homer power. But a month of Miguel Olivo, Chris Snyder or John Buck isn't going to kill you, either. After the top four or five fantasy catchers, the next 10 kind of all look alike, so just play the hot hands ... er, bats.

But what about a month of Francisco Cervelli? How about him? After all, he's the fellow who will handle the bulk of the backstop duties for the Yankees, and from what we've seen from this 24-year-old so far, that's hardly a bad thing. Cervelli is hitting .373 over 67 at-bats, and his 17 RBIs actually rank eighth at catcher, ahead of Posada, Matt Wieters, Russell Martin and Geovany Soto, among others. And he has accomplished this in much less playing time. Cervelli ranks 17th on ESPN's Player Rater among catchers, inflated because of batting average, and while he's certainly in for some adjustment there, it might not be as much as you might think.