Should you buy low on Haren? No way 

May, 28, 2010
If Arizona Diamondbacks right-hander Dan Haren was a typical pitcher, one who hasn't had an extreme difference between his first- and second-half splits over the course of his career, then I would absolutely be buying low on him right now from a fantasy sense.

But that's not even close to the case. We do know what traditionally happens to Haren's statistics as a season wears on -- they get worse. Buy low? What, you think this is the season he switches things up and all of a sudden starts dominating hitters in July? Not gonna happen.

Dan Haren
Brett Davis/US PresswireDan Haren is on pace for a sterling 257 strikeouts, but he's also on pace for 54 homers allowed.
Looking closer at Haren's statistics, things don't appear all that bad, even after a brutal 10-hit, eight-run, four-homer performance at Coors Field on Thursday that spiked his ERA to 5.35. Haren is posting the best strikeout rate of what has been a successful career. His walk-to-strikeout rate is crazy good. He's inducing more ground balls than normal, and until his past two outings -- one of which was at a home run ballpark (Coors Field) and the other against a Toronto Blue Jays offense with the most home runs in the majors -- even the gopher ball wasn't much of a problem. Haren's ERA is inflated, but on the surface, all signs do point to a pitcher who has been unlucky and whose numbers should improve.