Is it time to cut Ibanez in mixed leagues? 

June, 14, 2010
As the third-place Philadelphia Phillies continue to flounder at the plate -- they're now the lowest-scoring team in the NL East -- I'm starting to get correspondence from fantasy owners asking if we should view members of the offense differently than we used to from a fantasy perspective. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot a fantasy owner can do.

The Phillies simply have a few key stars who are slumping right now. Six of the eight starting members -- including shortstop Jimmy Rollins, who is currently on the disabled list -- are owned in 100 percent of ESPN standard (10-team) mixed leagues. I agree that should be the case. Sure, Chase Utley is hitting .158 in June and Jayson Werth has looked just as bad, but the fact is I trust these guys to contribute power, speed and batting average over time. Rollins should be back soon, and Ryan Howard, Placido Polanco and Shane Victorino are helping owners.

There's only one Phillies hitter that people own in a lot of leagues who I'd call droppable in mixed leagues.