September splits: Will Derrek Lee bust out? 

August, 26, 2010
The fine month of August is coming to an end soon, so now is an opportune time to check out hitters with interesting career numbers in the season's final month. It's not a guarantee that if someone has thrived in previous Septembers that he will again, but at least it's something to keep in mind. I'll be brief with the comments in order to get more names in:

Ryan Howard, 1B, Philadelphia Phillies: He's owned in every league, but in case you Howard owners were wondering how you might move up in the power categories, note that Howard has led the big leagues in September RBIs each of the past two seasons, and was close to leading in 2007.

Juan Uribe
Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesJuan Uribe has been released in 10.2 percent of ESPN leagues, but maybe he shouldn't have been.
Juan Uribe, 2B/SS/3B, San Francisco Giants: Think you need to sell high on this surprise player and his 17 home runs? Uribe hit .347 with seven home runs and 21 RBIs last September, and in a long career, he has hit .297 during the month. His career batting average in other months is .247.