What to expect from 2012 disappointments 

September, 13, 2012
Every fantasy baseball owner who fails to win his or her league can point to a player or two they feel doomed their chances. We've all done it. What's interesting is the disparity of those players. To some owners, choosing Matt Kemp third overall and getting a borderline top-100 player in return was the killer. Others might point to a starting pitcher or two who did irreversible damage, such as top-10 starter Tim Lincecum, who begins Thursday at spot No. 493 on ESPN's Player Rater. Still others might point to a closer that didn't close, a prospect who was never promoted or a 30-homer guy like Lance Berkman who barely played. Frankly, we could name a lot of players who haven't helped fantasy owners in relation to their draft spot.

My vote for the most devastating fantasy performance this season, while taking into important account how high of a draft pick you needed to spend to secure him is ... drum roll, please ... Toronto Blue Jays lefty Ricky Romero. He ranks dead last among 94 qualified hurlers with a 5.87 ERA, and Romero was a ninth-round pick in ESPN average live drafts, expected to be a top-20 starting pitcher. Instead, he has been awful, ranked an incredible 1,223rd out of 1,260 overall players on the ESPN Player Rater, and he remains owned in more than 42 percent of ESPN leagues.

Regardless, beauty and, in this case, nominal hatred is in the eye of the beholder. Here are many other players who tortured fantasy owners this season in relation to their draft cost. Yuniesky Betancourt need not apply. He wasn't in demand on draft day. These players, to differing degrees, were. Let's go in order of current Player Rater score for effect.