Does Pomeranz trade help or hurt his fantasy value?

How will Drew Pomeranz do for fantasy owners in Boston? Jon Durr/Getty Images

Three days ago, when myriad reporters, including myself, spoke to San Diego Padres left-hander Drew Pomeranz in San Diego about his compelling emergence to the National League All-Star team, he patiently answered what had to be annoying questions about the many rumors of a potential trade with a veteran smile. After all, the Padres aren’t contending and Pomeranz, with fantastic numbers in this, his sixth major league season, was certainly a hot commodity. Pomeranz said he wouldn’t worry about the trade talk, calling it “part of the game.” You know, the normal stuff a player says.

Well, three days later this part of the game has landed the well-traveled but clearly valuable Pomeranz on the Boston Red Sox, in a trade return for their top pitching prospect, Anderson Espinoza.