Hector Rondon the big fantasy loser in Yankees-Cubs trade

Through no fault of his own, Hector Rondon has lost his job as Cubs closer. What is his fantasy value moving forward? AP

Chicago Cubs right-hander Hector Rondon entered Monday as the No. 14 relief pitcher on the ESPN Fantasy Player Rater for the season, and if we remove the starting pitchers eligible for that designation, he’s really 11th. That’s pretty good! Rondon has done nothing wrong, really. Great ERA and microscopic WHIP, lots of strikeouts and the modest save total isn’t his fault, but a byproduct of his team scoring so many runs the opportunities to close out three-run leads haven’t really been there. Still, Rondon is really, really good.

But now, thanks to the New York Yankees shipping their closer, merely the hardest-throwing person on the planet, to the Cubs for prospects and a swingman, Rondon will take his really, really good skills to the eighth inning.