Angels, Astros, Twins to add for this weekend

AP Photo/Pat Sullivan

The Texas Rangers all but wrapped up the American League West Thursday night, while the Los Angeles Angels, Houston Astros and yes, the Minnesota Twins are the three teams vying for one postseason berth this weekend. They’ll be using their best available pitchers and top lineups hopefully through Sunday. Why is it "hopefully?" Because fantasy owners need them to play!

Regardless, with mostly everything else in baseball decided in terms of the postseason, this is what fantasy owners have to rely on, and we know it matters when teams have something on the line, because that’s when managers use the top players. So let’s break down the Angels, Astros and Twins for rotation purposes and available fantasy talent because, let’s face it, a lot of other teams won’t be using their top options!

Angels pitchers: I wouldn’t consider any of the Angels hurlers in Arlington, Texas, and I don’t assume the Rangers will go to a Double-A lineup on Friday.