Is it finally time to believe in Joey Gallo for fantasy?

Joey Gallo hit his first home run of the season for Texas in a loss against Oakland on Tuesday night. Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

It took a season-ending injury to unproductive Prince Fielder to make it happen, but the Texas Rangers finally relented Tuesday and called up slugging prospect Joey Gallo, and this time they actually let him start a game! That’s in reference to earlier this season when the 22-year-old was promoted, ever so briefly, but didn’t play, much to the chagrin of fantasy owners and perhaps Rangers fans as well. He’s up now and celebrated the promotion Tuesday with a majestic home run, one befitting a strong, young player with ridiculous power. Yeah, I feel like we’ve been talking about Gallo for a few years now, waiting for him to emerge as a star. Are we there yet?