Reaction to initial 2014 rankings 

May, 20, 2014
Peyton ManningAP Photo/Jack DempseyWhy won't Peyton Manning be on Eric Karabell's teams? Because he's loading up on running backs.

Perhaps you hadn’t heard, but fantasy football never really takes a vacation, which is why witnessing the initial 2014 ESPN rankings for the upcoming season is so welcomed. The NFL draft is over, our ESPN Fantasy summit meetings, as well, and now it’s time to see these real football teams train, practice and merge as one, so we can better create fantasy teams.

Oh, make no mistake, these rankings will change over the next three-plus months, thanks to real-life depth chart movement, injuries, performance behind the scenes and, whether we enjoy this part of things or not, even arrests and suspensions. I mean, let’s be realistic. We don’t even know yet if Cleveland Browns talent Josh Gordon, last season’s top wide receiver -- numero uno! -- will play in one stinkin’ game or some or all of this season! So follow along with us as the rankings continue their metamorphosis over the summer.