Evaluating rosters after final cuts 

September, 3, 2013
My first thought when seeing the news that Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer was surprisingly cut this weekend was actually a positive one, as I assumed this meant hotshot injured rookie Le'Veon Bell must be considered close enough to playing that the team didn’t feel it needed the depth. I had other thoughts as well after that, such as how in the world did Dwyer go from a potential starter heading into August to not worth a roster spot at all? How does this affect interim starter Isaac Redman and potentially Felix Jones? And basically, wow, Dwyer must be really bad, worse than even Jones.

There generally isn’t much fantasy-relevant roster news the final weekend before the games start to count, as rosters are pared down to 53. Oh, to some the intriguing Tim Tebow situation with his former New England Patriots warrants front-page news, its own cable show and Congress filibustering, but honestly, he wasn’t going to make a fantasy difference. In retrospect, it’s amazing that he once did (and he really did). He’s not likely to make a difference again, unless one plays in a Canadian Football League fantasy league (which I’m sure people do!). Bottom line is, I can’t find a ton of useful information when it came to the many cuts NFL teams made, but the Dwyer news sure was interesting.

Le'Veon Bell
AP Photo/Nick WassLe'Veon Bell hopes the door isn't closed on a starting job when he's able to return to action.
Bell, like pretty much all rookies who haven’t had the opportunity to disappoint fantasy owners like San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews, for example, was being a bit overdrafted to start with, and now he’s being a bit too ignored. While Bell’s right mid-foot sprain could hamper or restrict him all season (the unrelated Stephania Bell from ESPN is definitely concerned), the Steelers did not place Bell on the PUP list, which would have cost him six weeks. Bell is not expected to play in September, but recent reports have been encouraging, in theory. I like the fact Bell is currently one of the highest risers in ESPN average live drafts (ADP), because he should be a top-100 player. His value has been way up, way down and now up again.