Analyzing recent trends in ADP 

August, 29, 2013
As the final weekend of August approaches and it’s safe to say we’ve learned pretty much all we’re going to from the preseason games -- and it wasn’t much, really -- it’s time to take one final look at ESPN’s live draft results (also known as average draft position or ADP) and see what’s going on. To be honest, while I know some of my colleagues rely heavily on ADP to extract proper value, I’ve been in so many drafts already -- please, for the love of Miley Cyrus just start the games that count already -- I’m far more willing at this point to select a player I really want a few rounds earlier than expected. Go with your gut, not that of hundreds of thousands of others who continue to underrate some of the players you perhaps like.

That doesn’t mean I’ve adjusted my overall drafting strategy for this season, but let’s face it, the guys and gals sharing my drafts -- past ones and upcoming -- are well aware what I’m thinking, at this point knowing know my sleepers, busts, favorite foods and precise time I walk my daughter to the bus stop. So, I’m told everyone likes lists, so not to piggyback any of my colleagues -- the names are different! -- here are a bunch of them. Plus, one might say I’ve planted my fantasy flag on some of these players! Best of luck to all this final drafting weekend and all season, and we’ll be with you all the way at ESPN Fantasy!

Five running backs I like a round (or more) better than ADP