Fantasy football Do Not Draft list 

August, 7, 2013

The mere concept of a “do not draft” list seems odd to me. Of course I would draft the likes of quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady, as well as awesome wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant, and there’s really nothing wrong with top tight end Jimmy Graham, but these guys aren’t ending up on my teams. My 2013 strategy is clear and obvious to me: Get your running backs early and often and enjoy the unique depth this season at the other main fantasy positions. It’s supply versus demand, and while there may be nobody supplying numbers quite like Rodgers or Megatron, the demands of finding competent running backs to get through a season is critical as well.

Rather than ripping on the top non-running backs that I actually have nothing negative to report on, like each of the aforementioned players, it seems wiser to discuss the players that, regardless of position, I’m just not a big fan of for value this season. As a result, I do not figure to draft them. It doesn’t mean you should not draft them, because if the value is right, the wise and smart fantasy owner should reconsider. However, I’ve participated in a flurry of drafts, both real and mock, already, and these players below are not ending up on my teams, and it’s likely not by accident. Let’s go in order of ESPN average live draft position and get as many names in as possible. By the way, the guy scheduled to lead this list a few weeks ago was Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin. That proved prescient! In addition, Danario Alexander was also on the list below, but suffered a torn ACL on Tuesday and will miss the 2013 season.

[+] EnlargeDarren McFadden
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty ImagesDarren McFadden has missed at least three games in each of his five NFL seasons, 23 in total.