Sneaky fantasy pickups entering Week 2 

September, 14, 2012

Someone's garbage is often someone else's prized possession. It happens at your neighborhood garage sale and in fantasy football when panicking owners overreact to Week 1 results and start dropping players they deemed worth selecting on draft day. You know the type. A fantasy team gets shellacked by 50 points because the studs didn't come through, so all of a sudden the overzealous owner starts cutting potential assets to add flavors of the week Jonathan Dwyer and Stephen Hill, hoping the new guys turn into Arian Foster and Larry Fitzgerald.

Here in the weekly Friday Sneaky Pickups blog entry, we plan ahead not to the upcoming Sunday, because really, we at ESPN Fantasy have done that already with rankings, articles, blogs, chats, video, podcasts, etc. Nothing against Dwyer and Hill, each of whom could be relevant this week and perhaps beyond, but let's look ahead and focus on casualties of overeager roster movement from the opening week, according to the ESPN most dropped list. There's a reason these guys were on rosters in the first place, and they fit the profile of sneaky additions.