Talking baseball keeper strategy 

October, 17, 2007
Most of the questions I'm seeing about fantasy baseball at this point of the season -- well, the calendar year -- deal with keepers, and not looking back on the exciting 2007 season, so I will look ahead as well. So what if the World Series hasn't begun yet! It's never too early to plan ahead!

Some general thoughts on keeper leagues:

&#8226 When in doubt, go with the bat: Fantasy teams should build around offense. This is why the first round is pretty much all hitters, and maybe two or three of my first 10 picks in a normal league will make their living with their arm. Pitchers get hurt. Hitters can slump, but even a worse-than-expected Albert Pujols season is still pretty darn good. You can count on hitters, but with pitchers, you're praying they aren't Chris Carpenter.