Alexander, other FFL sell-high options 

October, 18, 2007
Shaun Alexander was traded in one of my leagues today, essentially for Jon Kitna. Would this trade have raised eyebrows in August? Oh yeah. What about three weeks ago? Probably. Today, however, I wonder if the guy who gave away Alexander was thinking ahead and won the trade. He did need a quarterback, after all, and if you're not a believer in 30-year-old running backs coming out of slumps, you should sell.

Alexander's last two games haven't been so pretty, as he's rushed for a combined total of 60 yards, his worst two-game stretch since 2002. Then again, we can't say for sure that Alexander is toast and dealing him off, even for a second-tier quarterback in the Nos. 5-10 range overall, is smart. Running backs can be streaky, and they can carry fantasy teams when they're hot. Will Kitna?

In truth, there are a lot more safe quarterbacks than running backs in fantasy this season, and it would make me consider a trade like that as well if I owned Alexander. While I still prescribe to the theory that running backs are the key to fantasy, only three running backs show up in the top 15 among fantasy scorers so far. Of those three, one is a rookie still sharing carries and another is on a team that might not win a game, just dealt a key wide receiver and has Baltimore and New England in Weeks 15 and 16. OK, so LaDainian Tomlinson is safe.