Rooting for players doesn't help! 

December, 13, 2007
People seem surprised when I tell them how I separate the reality of football from fantasy football, from fans to family to TV anchors. I don't really see a choice. Some fantasy owners won't activate a player if he's facing their favorite team, or decide to use someone because they'll get to watch him. Huh? And others, as we've dealt with a bit all season in terms of strategy, will go out of their way to play Eli Manning if their opponent is using Plaxico Burress, seeking to offset the points, but I think mainly so it's less painful when you don't get to enjoy the big plays Burress will make as well.

I'll let you in on a little secret: Rooting for your players, or against others, does not affect the actual game.

I know, I know, writing this is the equivalent to saying Santa Claus isn't real -- as if that were, you know, the case -- but NFL players are going to do what they're going to do, no matter how much you plead and beg for better, or worse numbers. This is why you can't let personal feelings get involved in lineup decisions. You can't control the numbers, just your choices.