Shoppach, Tatis, those other 2008 fantasy heroes 

September, 24, 2008
It's a terrific feeling when you know you've got a fantasy baseball championship in the bag. Of course, you couldn't have done it alone. You might have drafted the team, watched the waiver wire and made the trades, but you didn't really coax the numbers out of the major leaguers. They did the heavy lifting for all of us. You were Ari Gold, the agent from "Entourage," sans the motivational tactics.

Not all the championships I've won feel the same. I remember certain players forever for what they did, like Dale Sveum way, way back in the day for his one good year. I'll also never forget Mike Fetters for the way I lost a championship because of how he got hammered one late-September game. The point is, there are certain players who helped many owners to fantasy championships this season, guys who were way off the radar back in March, and I tend to recall those performances from secondary players for a while.

Jose Reyes sits atop our Player Rater, passing Hanley Ramirez, Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday while people weren't watching. We all love these players, they've done great things, but how much pride can you take in knowing you selected Reyes with the fifth overall draft pick? If your last-round pick was Jorge Cantu, trust me, you'll remember that longer.