NL MVP Pujols my No. 1 pick in '09 

November, 17, 2008

Albert Pujols is the best player in fantasy baseball, and he had the best 2008 season. Period. Good for the voters for seeing past mere home run and RBI totals and selecting the most deserving player for NL MVP honors.

This isn't an anti-Ryan Howard story. I'm certainly not anti-Phillies, after all. Howard did what he was supposed to do in 2008, and he did it well, better than anybody. Nobody hit more home runs or knocked in more runs than Philadelphia's beefy first baseman. Few, if any, were better in September. Howard was critical in getting the Phillies to the postseason, where the pitching took over and delivered the City of Brotherly Love its second World Series title in 126 years. But Howard wasn't the MVP of the National League. I don't think he was even the MVP of his own team.