Overlooked Burrell to continue producing in Tampa 

January, 5, 2009
Pat Burrell had a first-hand view of just how good the Tampa Bay Rays were this past season, being a member of the only team to fare better. Now Burrell leaves the World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies to see how the best of the AL lives.

In truth, the fact Burrell didn't find work until January says quite a bit about the market and where he was fitting into it, plus it sums up how fantasy owners have viewed him for years. Burrell, now 32, remains at the back end of his offensive prime, and there are some things he's good at, with other skills he's just not going to acquire suddenly. A two-year deal for $16 million seems a good fit for him and the Rays. Fantasy owners shouldn't adjust their thinking much, but be aware the best has probably happened.

Pat Burrell
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty ImagesHopefully, Rays fans and fantasy owners will not expect more than what Pat Burrell has already produced in his career.