Garland to continue getting ugly wins in Arizona 

January, 28, 2009
Real baseball teams need innings eaters to get them into the sixth and seventh innings. Those pitchers don't need to be Johan Santana, just durable, somewhat reliable and capable of keeping their ERA below 5. On good teams with offense and a strong bullpen, a pitcher like this can win double-digit games every season and command some nice major league dollars even if fantasy owners are scared off.

Oh, did we mention Jon Garland just found work again?

The Arizona Diamondbacks have signed Garland to a one-year deal, which seems like a rather harmless move with little downside for them. Garland comes off a 14-win season very much in line with what he's accomplished this decade. Over the past seven seasons, six with the White Sox and one with the Angels, Garland has made at least 32 starts, always winning in double digits, and going for a career-high 18 in both 2005 and 2006. However, Garland had just one season during that stretch (2005) where he kept his season ERA on the good side of 4, and his WHIP below 1.32. That is why fantasy owners seem to always be cold on adding him. The fact Garland's career best in strikeouts is 115 is another reason. But hey, in real baseball, there is value in consistency, and few have fit that term -- even in an average way -- more than Garland.