Camp notes: Reyes, Ramirez not leading off? 

February, 17, 2009

Welcome back to the ESPN Fantasy spring training blog, a daily compendium of what's happening in baseball's preseason! Since pitchers and catchers just reported over the weekend -- and really, shouldn't that in itself be some sort of holiday? -- there obviously haven't been any games yet. Of course, that doesn't mean there hasn't been any news. Our spring training blog will run each weekday leading up to the actual start of regular-season games, a roundup of news relating to fantasy baseball you can get in one tidy place.

As for our 2009 debut spring training blog, we've got lots of news to get to. To me, the first two weeks of what happens in Florida and Arizona are mostly talk. The managers discuss how good the players look, as everyone lost weight, you know. All teams are contenders. The players talk about how hard they worked in December, what monster numbers they're capable of. And the media eats it all up.